Can alcohol based (70%) sanitisers damage your gems and jewellery?

Words of caution and a suggestion- clean or have your jewellery cleaned more often.Jewellery made from metals: Alcohol-based sanitiser does not cause immediate damage, but the build-up of residue could cause metals to tarnish and wear over time. Click here to read full article. Blog – Can Alcohol sanitiser damage jewellery

Diamond testers- useful tools but have their limitations

Diamond testers are a useful tool when wishing to check that the gem you are looking at, is in fact a diamond. There are a wide variety of suppliers and different units. The units shown in this article are for illustrative purposes only. Click here to read full article. Diamond Testers


Fluorescence is a form of luminescence. This is a term describing any emission of light by a substance that is not the direct result of incandescence. Diamonds that are exposed to ultra-violet light (long wave or short wave) may glow, showing a certain degree of fluorescence. Fluorescence is caused by electron activity inside a gemstone, […]

Wedding anniversary gemstones

Historically, celebrations have been linked to life events such as births and weddings. The anniversary of such events has always been a legitimate reason to celebrate. With wedding anniversaries, there is so much to celebrate, and jewelry has come to represent some of our feelings for the occasion. Click here to read full article. Wedding […]

Lulo Diamonds fetch US$12.8 million at Angolan tender

(Mining Review Africa) Lucapa Diamond Company and its partners Endiama and Rosas & Petalas have announced the outcome of the tender of six exceptional Lulo diamonds. The four large, top-quality white diamonds and two fancy pink diamonds recovered from the Lulo alluvial mine in Angola, and weighing a total of 336 carats, were sold in […]

Giant 7,525-ct Emerald Sells for Undisclosed Sum

(IDEX Online) – One of the world’s largest emeralds – weighing 7,525 carats – has been bought by Eshed – Gemstar. The Israel-based diamond and emerald specialists paid an undisclosed sum for the gem, recovered at the Kagem mine, in Zambia, which is operated by London-based Gemfields. Click here to read full article.

Six Suspects to Stand Trial over Green Vault Heist

(IDEX Online) – Six men will go on trial later this month in Germany over what has been described as the world’s biggest gem heist – 4,300 diamonds, with an insured value of at least $129m. Security guards watched raiders live on CCTV as they smashed their way into The Green Vault at Dresden’s royal […]

Alrosa Recovers 91.86-ct Yellow-Brown Diamond

(IDEX Online) – Alrosa has recovered a 91.86 carat yellow-brown diamond at its Anabar alluvial deposit, in the remote Arctic territory of Yakutia. The stone has been named Kyndykan, to honor a little girl who, according to folklore, was the sole survivor of a smallpox outbreak that wiped out her entire settlement 200 years ago. […]

Turquoise – Birthstone for December

Persian turquoise was transported to Europe through Turkey, consequently the name turquoise comes from the French tourques, meaning ‘Turkey stone’. It is the birthstone for December and the anniversary gemstone for the 11th year of marriage. Click here to read the full article. Turquoise – December birthstone