Gem Training International

for the Retail Jeweller Course

Course Objective

The objective of this online course is to give the students an overview of diamonds from formation through to pricing with the emphasis on the 4 C’s and the understanding as to the make-up of the information on diamond reports.

Online questionnaires must be completed, and a final exam done on online. Successful students will receive a Certificate of Completion.

The addition of the one-day lecture on the topics, will give the students the opportunity to revise, ask any questions, they may have, practise the use of basic equipment, and re-enforce the online theory learnt.

Course Outline


The formation of diamonds, crystallography, physical and optical properties of diamond.


De Beers, the international diamond cutting industry and conflict diamonds.


Facets of a round brilliant cut diamond.


Equipment used in diamond grading.


Carat weight.


Colour grading: terminology and determination of the grade.


The importance of proportions, finish, and symmetry of a diamond.


Clarity grading: terminology and determination of the grade.


The difference between a diamond and common simulants, and how to recognise them.


Laboratory grown diamonds. 


Laboratory consultations and reports.


Assessment tests to determine knowledge and understanding of course material.

Course Fee

For the theory course:

The fee is R1,620.00
excluding V.A.T.

For the additional one day lecture (held in Johannesburg):

The fee is R2,200.00 excluding V.A.T

Total course cost:

The fee is R3,820.00
excluding V.A.T.

*A discount for group training of more than 5 students may be negotiated.

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