Diamond and Gemstone Courses Online. 

 Depending on your preference, you can do the courses online or by correspondence. An additional advantage is the opportunity to enrol for the practical workshops which will give you “hands-on” experience to reinforce the theory. Gem Training International courses are presented by Alan Lowe, a recognised member and trainer in the diamond and jewellery industry in South Africa. Gem Training International will provide you with the knowledge and skills to enter the industry or increase your current skill set and knowledge.

For the Individual

Aimed at those wanting to come into the trade (diamond, coloured gem stone and jewellery trades) or those in the trade wanting to improve their knowledge, skills and professionalism.

For Corporates

Courses in diamond and coloured stones that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the organisation both in terms of time and content, with course material specific to the needs.


How does Gem Training International  satisfy
those needs?

The college provides courses where the theory is done online or by correspondence.

The practical training (optional) takes place in a COVID-19-compliant classroom environment. All the equipment and gemstones necessary are provided for the courses. Programs, including course material can be tailor made to suit an organisations’ specific requirements.

In addition to the courses we sell gemmological equipment to assist you on your journey of discovering your passion and talent for grading diamonds and gemstones. We also have a wide variety of diamond and gemstones to purchase.

Gem Training International


Diamonds and
Diamond Grading Course

To give the student, a comprehensive theoretical background and knowledge of diamonds and diamond grading, from the formation through to the pricing of the polished gem.

Gem Training International


for the Retail Jeweller Course

The objective of the course is to give the students an in-depth overview of diamonds from formation through to pricing with the emphasis on the 4 C’s and the understanding as to the make-up of the information on diamond reports.

Gem Training International

Precious metals

Metals used in  Jewellery Course

To give the student a comprehensive background, knowledge and understanding of the metals used in jewellery fabrication, including grades and hallmarking.

Gem Training International


Essentials of
Coloured Stones Course

To give the student background knowledge and understanding of the most popular 18 gem stones, their properties, common simulants, synthetics and treatments.


The course and content was delivered to a very high standard, beyond my expectations. Alan is a great lecturer. He kept it so interesting! Yeah, you never lose interest! Every day was kind of a new adventure, even though you’ve read the theoretical material. The practical went so smoothly, and everything was explained. I have absolutely no complaints and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to understand diamonds and diamond grading. 



Over the past 20 years, Alan Lowe has trained persons from many of the diamond producing countries in Africa as well as students from China, India, USA, England, and Europe. He has also done training in Mauritius under the auspices of the Mauritian Government for their Jewellery School.

In South Africa he has trained staff from THE BELOW COMPANIES.
These companies represent a significant section of the market in South Africa.

Alan has also trained at Browns, Shimansky, and many others.