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Diamonds and
Diamond Grading Course

Course Objective

To give the student, a comprehensive theoretical background and knowledge of diamonds and diamond grading, from the formation through to the pricing of the polished gem, all presented through the easy to access online portal.

The optional practical module will give the student hands-on experience, drawing on the theoretical knowledge gained with the emphasis on the practical grading of colour, purity and proportions and identification of common simulants using the gemmological equipment and the accessories provided by the College.



Course Outline:


Crystallography, properties of diamonds and diamond mining


Early discoveries, sales and production, famous diamonds and people


Diamond cutting


Tools of the trade






Plotting and clarity


Simulants and synthetics (laboratory – grown diamonds)




How to read a diamond report.

Course Design


The course has been designed in such a way that theory is done online or by correspondence, followed by the additional 5-day practical which includes the practical exam at the Gem training venue.


On payment you will be enrolled for the course chosen and if an online student a password will be allocated to you so that you can gain access to the course material and questionnaires. If you are a correspondence student, you can collect the course material at our offices, or, if you prefer, we will post the course manual to you. 


The theoretical course material, which comprises ten sections, each with an assignment which must be completed either on-line or returned for assessment by email. Once successfully completing the course material, you may complete the theory exam online or at the college. A pass mark of 80% is required and successful students will receive a Certificate of Completion. You may then also book a place in an upcoming 5-day practical if so desired.


During the five day practical, you will be given the opportunity to examine up to 120 stones and practice the knowledge you have obtained from the theory module. On the 5th day you will be given a practical exam.

After passing the theory and practical modules, with a minimum pass of 80% you will receive the college Diploma.

*A maximum period of six months is allowed for completion of the course and the fees are neither refundable nor transferable.

Course Fee

For the theory course:

The fee is R6,550.00
excluding V.A.T.

For the additional 5 day practical (held in Johannesburg):

The fee is R9,340.00
excluding V.A.T.

Total course cost:

The fee is R15,980.00  excluding V.A.T.

*A discount for group training of more than 5 students may be negotiated.

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