How does Gem Training satisfy
those needs?

The institute provides courses where the theory can be done by correspondence or on-line. The practical sessions take place in a classroom environment. all the equipment and gemstones necessary are provided for the course. Classroom programs, including course material can be tailor made to suit an organisations’ specific requirements.

In addition to the courses we sell training equipment to assist you on your journey of discovering your passion and talent for grading diamonds and gemstones. 

Gem Training International


Diamonds and
Diamond Grading Course

To give the student, a comprehensive theoretical background and knowledge of diamonds and diamond grading, from the formation through to the pricing of the polished gem.

Gem Training International


for the Retail Jeweller Course

The objective of the course is to give the students an in-depth overview of diamonds from formation through to pricing with the emphasis on the 4 C’s and the understanding as to the make-up of the information on diamond reports.

Gem Training International

Precious metals

Precious Metals used in Jewellery Course

To give the student a comprehensive background, knowledge and understanding of the precious metals used in jewellery fabrication, including grades and hallmarking.

Gem Training International


Essentials of
Coloured Stones Course

To give the student background knowledge and understanding of the most popular 9 or 18 gem stones, their properties, common simulants, synthetics and treatments.