Emerald – birthstone for the month of May

‘Gem of the eternal spring’. The name emerald is derived from a Persian word, which later appeared as smaragdos in Greek. Emerald is the birthstone for May and the anniversary gem stone for 20th and 35th year of marriage. The magnificent green of the emerald conveys harmony and love of nature. Really good quality is […]

Diamond – the birthstone for the month of April

The most sought-after gem in the world and regarded as the gem for engagements and major family events. Diamond is the birthstone for April and the anniversary gem for the 10th and 60th year of marriage. Click here to view full article. Diamond – April birthstone

Aquamarine:- The birthstone for the month of March

Latin for ‘Seawater’, with colours ranging from light to medium blue, sometimes with a greenish splash. Aquamarine is one of our most popular and well-known gemstones. Click here to read full article Aquamarine – March birthstone

Amethyst – The birthstone for the month of February

Throughout history, quartz has been the chameleon gemstone, imitating many expensive gemstones. A transparent purple quartz which is the most important quartz variety used in jewellery. Quartz has been an important crystal in history primarily because it is extremely useful in industrial and commercial applications. It was the first crystal used in radio transmission and […]

Gem Training International launches its new topic specific videos

Gem training international launches its new and comprehensive suite of topic specific videos to aid and assist students studying the courses on offer. These are supplementary to the existing course material and the practical learning interventions. Visual learning is always helpful, and an advantage The video’s cover the most important topics covered for each course. […]

Garnet- the birthstone for the month of January

Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January and is the anniversary gemstone for the second year of marriage.The name comes from the Latin word granatus, meaning ‘like a grain’. The rounded shape also refers to the seeds of the pomegranate. Click here to read full article. garnet complete -birthstone for the month of January

Turquoise – Birthstone for December

Persian turquoise was transported to Europe through Turkey, consequently the name turquoise comes from the French tourques, meaning ‘Turkey stone’. It is the birthstone for December and the anniversary gemstone for the 11th year of marriage. Click here to read the full article. Turquoise – December birthstone 

Angolan company announces auction of 43 special diamond stones including a pink one

Empresa Nacional de Comercialização de Diamantes de Angola (SODIAM-EP) will auction 43 special diamond stones, including a 170.20-carat pink diamond, with viewing sessions taking place from October 24 to November 14. The bidding process for these stones closes on 15 November 2022 and will only be done electronically to customers registered by SODIAM and who […]

Topaz – Birthstone for November

Topaz is the birthstone for November and blue topaz the anniversary gemstone for the 4th year of marriage. Due to its clarity, durability and affordability, blue topaz has become one of the most popular gemstones on the market today. Imperial topaz is the anniversary gemstone for 23rd year of marriage. Click here to read full article. https://www.gemtraininginternational.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Topaz-November-birthstone.pdf

‘Diamonds take precedence at Indian festivals’

The upcoming festive season is being viewed optimistically by many. A Bain report (21-22) has reported that in 2021, revenue increased as the diamond jewellery markets experienced spectacular growth in India. This confidence arises also from the perceived changes in the Indian jewellery buying trends. This is more evident in diamond jewellery sales. Jewellery has […]