Jewels From Famed Spanish Shipwreck Go On Display

A treasure trove of jewelry was recently rescued from a famed Spanish shipwreck that has been lying on the ocean floor off the Bahamas for more than 360 years. The items were recouped from Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas (Our Lady of Wonders), which sank on Jan. 4, 1656, supposedly after it collided with its fleet’s flagship […]

Angola eyes becoming one of the world’s largest diamond producers in five years

ANGOLA, long viewed as “elephant country” by geologists searching for major diamond strikes, is finally getting the exploration attention it deserves after a radical transformation of its mining policy. The reforms are pulling diamond explorers back into the country. Over the past year, mining majors Rio Tinto and De Beers have returned to explore for […]

Treatment of gems – accepted or not accepted?

Some gemstones are routinely treated, and the treatment is well known and accepted in the gem and jewellery industry. However, there are some treatments that are not routinely done and must be disclosed to the buyer by the seller. The common treatments that must be disclosed by the seller include glass filling, oiling, resin filling, […]

Sapphire – Birthstone for the month of September

The ‘gem of the heavens’, the name is derived from the Greek sappheiros meaning blue. It is the birthstone for September and the anniversary gemstone for the 5th and 45th years of marriage. Sapphires are available in a wide range of colour except red. Sapphire in colours other than blue are called fancy sapphires. Colours variations include […]

Gemfields on the alert after attacks by insurgents edge closer to Montepuez mine

GEMFIELDS today warned shareholders that insurgency-related attacks had edged closer to the firm’s Montepuez ruby mine in Mozambique. The latest was in the Muaja village which is about 30km by road from Montepuez. A previous incident, reported by Gemfields last month, occurred about 65km east-north-east from the mine. “A large number of people are reportedly relocating to […]

Strange, never-before-seen diamond crystal structure found inside ‘Diablo canyon’ meteorite

Scientists found something unexpected inside a meteorite that hit Earth 50,000 years ago. While studying diamonds inside an ancient meteorite, scientists have found a strange, interwoven microscopic structure that has never been seen before. The structure, an interlocking form of graphite and diamond, has unique properties that could one day be used to develop superfast […]

Why Passing on Lab-Grown Diamonds Might Be a Risky Bet

Retailers would be wise to embrace this growing segment of the market instead of shunning it, Peter Smith writes. The year was, as I recall, 2004, maybe 2005.  It was a diamond conference at The Plaza hotel in New York. Retailers and suppliers had gathered for a couple of days of education, speeches, and debate […]

Peridot, birthstone for the month of August

Called the ‘evening emerald’ because it was said to glow at night. The name is derived from the Greek peridona meaning ‘giving plenty’. Peridot is the birthstone for August and the anniversary gemstone for the 16th year of marriage.  It is the best-known volcanic gem variety of the mineral olivine. Click here to read full article. Peridot – August […]

Indian Jeweler Claims World Record with a 24,679-Diamond Ring

(IDEX Online) – An Indian jeweler has landed a Guinness World Record with a ring made with 24,679 natural diamonds. The Touch of Ami took 90 days to make at SWA Diamonds, in Malappuram Inkel Educity, Kerala. It takes the title Most Diamonds Set in One Ring from the previous record holder Renani Jewels, based […]

New Find Of Blue Spinels Trickles Into Market

For most gem lovers in the trade, the term Mahenge means one thing: bright, pinkish-red spinels from Tanzania. Discovered in 2007 in the Mahenge region of south-central Tanzania, the gems singlehandedly rejuvenated the market for spinel with their translucent and highly valued crystals. To this day, Mahenge spinels remain among the gem world’s most sought-after stones. Click […]