The Golden Jubilee – the largest faceted diamond in the world

This stone weighing 545.67 ct. and yellow in colour was unveiled in 1995. It has been recognized as the world’s largest faceted diamond. A group of businessmen have offered the Golden Jubilee to the king of Thailand to celebrate his 50 years as monarch and only await fund-raising to permit the gift to be presented.

The Star of Sierra Leone – the largest alluvial diamond ever found

Discovered on 14 February 1972, the Star of Sierra Leone which weighed 968.90 ct. in the rough state is the third-largest rough diamond, and the largest alluvial gem diamond ever found. Harry Winston bought the rough diamond in October 1972, but it was not cut until August 1973. The stone was originally cut into a […]

Famous Diamonds – The Jonker

Discovered by Mr Jonker on 16 January 1934, this diamond was bought by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer for the equivalent of USD 135,000. Shortly thereafter, it was sold to Harry Winston for about USD 700,000. The rough diamond yielded 12 beautiful stones, the largest of which, the “Jonker”, was 142.90ct.

Lucky Friday: Two Huge Diamonds Recovered at Letseng

(IDEX Online) – Gem Diamonds recovered two huge diamonds – 245-carat and 102-carat – on the same day from its Letseng mine, in Lesotho. The London-based miner said both stones were high-quality Type II, and were recovered on Friday (15 October). Earlier this year Gem, which owns 70 per cent of the mine, found a […]

Australian Mine Unearths World’s Second “Russian Doll” Diamond

(IDEX Online) – Miners in Australia have unearthed the world’s second ever Matryoshka or Russian doll diamond.  The 0.844-carat flat, triangular gem has a cavity that contains another tiny diamond, reckoned to be just 0.001-ct, which can freely roll around inside. It was discovered by India Bore Diamond Holdings (IBDH) in the southern part of […]

Rare 93-ct Black Diamond goes on Display

(IDEX Online) – An extremely rare 93-ct black diamond has gone on display at London’s Natural History Museum. The rough diamond, which weighed over 300 carats, is thought to have originated in Brazil.  It was acquired by the lender’s family during the late 1800s in Goa, India – a well-known gem cutting center at the […]

Pigeon’s Blood Ruby Ring could sell for $4.5m

(IDEX Online) – A ring with diamonds and a giant 8.11-ct pigeon’s blood ruby – so-named because of its vivid crimson hue – is to be sold by Christie’s Hong Kong with a high estimate of $4.5m. It will lead the Magnificent Jewels Auction on 28 November. The sale features additional high-value pigeon blood rubies […]

From Gray to Yellow at -320F: Introducing the Color-Changing Cryogenic Diamond

(IDEX Online) – Newly discovered “cryogenic” diamonds change color from gray to yellow at extremely low temperatures, say experts at the GIA lab. They’re the opposite of “chameleon” diamonds, first discovered in 1866, which change color at very high temperatures. Stephanie Persaud, senor analytic technician at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in New York, […]

Opsydia Technology Advances to Secure Identity of Melee Diamonds

The UK-based diamond innovator has collaborated with the Natural Diamond Council on the latest phase of its ASSURE Program for Diamond Verification Instruments.(PRESS RELEASE) Leading diamond security specialist, Opsydia, has honed its sub-surface laser technology to such an extent that it can now place permanent identifiers in melee diamonds without affecting their surface polish.Diamonds that […]

2,150 New Stores: China’s Biggest Jeweler is getting a Lot Bigger

IDEX Online) – Chow Tai Fook aims to open more than 2,000 new stores across China by 2025. The jeweler is already the country’s biggest by market value, and currently has 4,850 points of sale. It is planning to increase that number by 2,150 to 7,000. Click here to read full article.