Of the roughly 8,000 polishing units in Gujarat city, 15% polish lab-grown diamonds exclusively. With global brands like Pandora launching their first lab-created diamond jewellery, the world’s largest diamond polishing hub at Surat has reason to cheer.

With decades-old infrastructure in place, international leadership in polishing natural diamonds and skilled manpower hungry for more work, Surat is gearing up to be the global hub for laboratory-created diamonds, too.

Unlike natural diamonds that are a limited resource and undergo stringent measures and long gestation before being mined and polished for use, lab-created diamonds can be developed at lower cost and faster. Click here to read full article. https://www.business-standard.com/article/economy-policy/surat-polishing-industry-in-for-a-treat-as-lab-grown-diamonds-find-favour-122082200306_1.html