Aquamarine:- The birthstone for the month of March

Latin for ‘Seawater’, with colours ranging from light to medium blue, sometimes with a greenish splash. Aquamarine is one of our most popular and well-known gemstones. Click here to read full article Aquamarine – March birthstone

Considerations when insuring gems and jewellery

It goes without saying that it would be advisable to ensure your gems and jewellery, particularly the jewellery that is going to be worn out and about on a regular basis and is of value. It is suggested that you insist, when buying an expensive piece of jewellery from a seller that you receive a […]

Have your jewellery regularly checked

As a rule, you should have your jewellery checked and cleaned every two years. The quality of the workmanship of the piece, the metal used, and the gem or gems used all play a part, however, the crucial factor is the amount of use by the wearer and the care taken when wearing the piece. […]

How to read a diamond report

A diamond report is the formal document issued by diamond and gemstone grading laboratories. The report details the unique characteristics of the diamond and gives specific details relating to the origin of the diamond, the weight, shape, the clarity, colour, proportions, polish, symmetry and fluorescence and comments if any. Click here to read full article […]